Design off cut marketplace

– a place for designers to sell their left over graphics
– selling digital products
– add options for alterations
– could maybe use micro job theme or probably set WordPress digital download theme

Tiny house website

– open house tiny houses (look inside)
– tiny houses to rent (rentals)
– tiny House builders (builders)
– tiny House workshops (workshops) ??
– land to park a tiny House (land to park)
– tiny House materials (materials) ??
– tiny Houses for sale (for sale)

Website Copywriting Template Marketplace

In this idea, you create an ecommerce store that sells boilerplate/demo content to be used for new websites. An example might be a financial adviser who needs a quick website and wants standard text to place on the site until they get a chance to write the content themselves.

Text is sold in packs like Header, Tagline, Intro, About Us, Services, Contact.

Unused software

Chipmunk theme

– Software for sale
– how it works
– faqs

– list through submission
– submission page directs them to Podio web form input and listing price
– wait for offer via Typeform piped form
– ask for login and check availability
– do cc switch to prepaid debit

After Hours Freelancer

This idea would be to build a two-sided marketplace for office workers who are looking to offer their services on nights and weekends as a second income opportunity. I’d set this up with two-sided marketplace software or would use a marketplace theme to build it in WordPress.

Popup shop in a box

This idea is to sell a kit (similar to an IKEA kit) where it has everything that someone would need to run a pop-up shop in a standard retail environment. This idea could be teamed with a retail space marketplace where you list vacant spaces that are available for rent and also include the option to purchase the pop up shop kit that includes tables, chairs, POS etc in several different styles from conservative through to extra creative.

This idea would also work with kits for people wanting to sell their products at local markets. You might need some different configurations as tables may be included but the concept will be the same.