Where the wild customers are

A site all about customer acquisition channels aka the places where you can find your customers. Chipmunk theme website that is categorised into a various views. Morning, Work Day, Afternoon, Night, Weekend, Holiday. Looks at places to place ads, add content and reach customers.

Free workout videos

A site using Pluto theme that highlights Youtube videos that provide free workout videos. Categorised by type of workout, length of workout and year of publishing.

White Label Services

With this idea, it would be like a niche Upwork website where agencies would sign up to see the talent pool of services that they can white-label, add fees and onsell to their clients. The site would also detail the best practices for working with remote staff and the best ways for your white-labelled freelancer to communicate with clients so that the use of the service isn’t exposed.

After Hours Freelancer

This idea would be to build a two-sided marketplace for office workers who are looking to offer their services on nights and weekends as a second income opportunity. I’d set this up with two-sided marketplace software or would use a marketplace theme to build it in WordPress.

Website refresh service

In this business idea, you’d buy a domain name with the words website refresh in it and then offer for people to refresh their existing website.

This would be on a quoted feee basis and you could specialise in the top website builder programs of WordPress, Weebly and Squarespace.

The site of the business would be simple, built on WordPress and would feature before and after photos of demo sites to start and then client sites as you build up your business.

Outreach would be via social media, reaching out to sites in specific niches asking if they’d like a before/after mock-up done and potentially through paid ads.

Setting up scheduling for clients

In this idea, you’d learn software like When I Work and then tailor a package to offer to small businesses in your local area where you’d offer to set up their scheduling for them.

You could offer this on a once-off basis for the set-up (excluding the cost fo the software) or you could offer a retainer where you onboard new staff and help to optimise the scheduling on a monthly-fee basis.

Offering white-labelled services

In this model, you take your regular freelance work and instead of going directly to market to locals, referrals or freelancing platforms, you get in contact with complimentary businesses and offer for them to offer your services in a white-label way.

The meaning of white-label in this context is that your business brand is hidden from the client and your work is seen as coming from the complimentary business as one of their employees. The main benefit for the complimentary business is the additional servies they can offer and the main benefit for you is being able to get work from one or several reliable sources.

Software Training Website

This concept is to create a website that shows user profiles of people who are able to offer online or on-site software training for businesses. This may be a service that is offered to new staff in a company or if a company switched software and wants their whole staff to be trained properly. Companies would be able to look through staff profiles and click a button to schedule time for an initial phone call and then to schedule a time for the training. Using online booking software with multi-users, you could handle the staff booking & the online payments and could even offer online tips for staff. You could set up a video sharing service like Appear In (with individual rooms per staff member) for the training calls.

The revenue share could be a % of the income from each trainer.

There could also be an option to sell training packages and online courses that compliment the training until additional staff members come on (without having online training that competes against the service option).