Tiny house website

– open house tiny houses (look inside)
– tiny houses to rent (rentals)
– tiny House builders (builders)
– tiny House workshops (workshops) ??
– land to park a tiny House (land to park)
– tiny House materials (materials) ??
– tiny Houses for sale (for sale)

A website like

A website that shows people how to build a website like hacker news (social engine), patreon (Podia), Udemy etc

Website Copywriting Template Marketplace

In this idea, you create an ecommerce store that sells boilerplate/demo content to be used for new websites. An example might be a financial adviser who needs a quick website and wants standard text to place on the site until they get a chance to write the content themselves.

Text is sold in packs like Header, Tagline, Intro, About Us, Services, Contact.

Website Cloning Service

Sometimes people are searching around for a website and they fall in the love with the design of a particular website.

For this idea, people visit our website and submit a form that has the URL or a screenshot of the site they like and our team uses BuiltWith to find out what it’s built with. We then prepare a quote for developing the site in either the client’s chosen website builder or using a WordPress theme (if we find out it’s using a theme using What WP theme is that).

Unused software

Chipmunk theme

– Software for sale
– how it works
– faqs

– list through submission
– submission page directs them to Podio web form input and listing price
– wait for offer via Typeform piped form
– ask for login and check availability
– do cc switch to prepaid debit

Intranet Maker

– chipmunk theme
– categories / how it works / base software / features
– use Typeform for order form starting with base software then extras. Use question groups for base + multiple others, for each base packages ie Podio + Expense Management
– look at building blocks for CRM ie Docs, Forms, Collaboration, training
– write blog posts on features of an intranet

Beautiful SaaS Collection

Website that only lists beautiful SaaS programs
– Chipmunk?
– categories as condensed g2crowd or siftery categories
– beautiful inside rather than out. Test all programs.
– affiliates