How to start an online document creation service

For this business idea you’ll be taking a older way of doing business and bring into the new age.

In this business what you be doing is making it easier for people who are currently sending out physical documents to have them signed and returned to them.

The new process for them would be that they would have their clients fill in a form online, sign the document online and then have those documents sent back to their office.

Tools that you’ll need (if not custom-coding):

Check out our recommended section for getting your domain name & website set up.

An example of a site using a similar process is Farewill.

Tweaks – you could alter this process to automate the processing and signing of different types of documents including:

  • will
  • NDA (non-disclosure agreement) builder
  • lease agreement
  • mortgage documents
  • financial planning documents
  • permission notes
  • direct debit docs for gyms etc

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