How to start a WP business for starting & hosting websites

Idea: A service business for starting a WPĀ site

How ItĀ Works

The service is for people wanting to start their own WordPress site but not having the technical ability to buy a domain, connect it to a hosted website and install a theme. We would offer the ability to order a website (based on a selection of themes), order the domain name and have the customer be sent:

  • the WordPress login details
  • their domain name details (registered in their name)
  • a link to a video on how to perform the common tasks in WordPress (create blog post, change photos, add text etc)
  • option to have paid ongoing support

How Iā€™d Start ThisĀ Business

Expected Costs

  • $10 for domain name
  • $25pm for hosting
  • $70 for theme
  • Optional Typeform subscription of $29 per month

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