Partnership Program Builder

Offer a service where you set up affiliate programs, referral programs, partner programs, refer a friend programs and voucher flows for businesses.

Charge an upfront fee for setup and a potentially a retainer for recruiting affiliates, partners etc.

Feedback Reviews

Create a service for companies priced at $250 per annum where you send out a custom review request form to their clients each 3 months (scheduled through Mailchimp). As a premium product, priced at $400 per annum, offer progress reports (created using review stats in Canva or Infogram).

Online form building business

Levels of form assistance
– updating forms
– updates + app integration
– update + word doc emailed to client
– update + doc + esignature

Benefits include:
– we build your form
– we host your form
– we provide a report
– we can merge data to google doc
– we can merge info to Word doc

Pay per month for the form set up and hosting.
Different amounts for contact forms, surveys etc

Hosted option
$25pm – 2 forms
$50pm – up to 5 forms + reports
$100pm – 5 forms + domains + reports

Contact to discuss pricing of having your forms styled within your own account

**See plenty of examples & wording at **

Types of forms
– forms
– surveys
– quizzes
– contact form
– customer satisfaction survey
– event registration
– order form
– lead generation form
– data collection form
– customer feedback

Categories form
– Information ~ customer information forms + staff information forms
– Insight ~ customer insights
– Registration ~ customer registration
– Payment ~ customer orders
– Knowledge ~ no need for this one
– job application form
– self evaluation form
– employee evaluation form
– registration form
– market research survey
– employee satisfaction surveys
– patient satisfaction surveys
– customer satisfaction surveys
– cake order form
– customer satisfaction survey
– customer feedback
– contact form


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That Template or That Document

Document download website + include automated & automate + signature options.
Pay a premium to have the document created using Webmerge or turned into esignature document.
– document creation
– document signature

Lease document $5
Automate $50, Automate + Sign $99

Use chipmunk theme with link to Typeform order form. Logic tree leading to automate & one for online form & one for esignature.

Remote Project Managers

Start agency where small businesses and freelancer can get their own remote project manager to:
– set up their systems
– give advice
– help manage staff
– track outcomes and deliverables

Casual replacement staff management

Use when I work to be the scheduler for multiple child care centres relief staff.
– someone calls in sick
– open shift is added
– texts sent to casuals
– shift filled
– set monthly fee based on staff

Website Cloning Service

Sometimes people are searching around for a website and they fall in the love with the design of a particular website.

For this idea, people visit our website and submit a form that has the URL or a screenshot of the site they like and our team uses BuiltWith to find out what it’s built with. We then prepare a quote for developing the site in either the client’s chosen website builder or using a WordPress theme (if we find out it’s using a theme using What WP theme is that).

Intranet Maker

– chipmunk theme
– categories / how it works / base software / features
– use Typeform for order form starting with base software then extras. Use question groups for base + multiple others, for each base packages ie Podio + Expense Management
– look at building blocks for CRM ie Docs, Forms, Collaboration, training
– write blog posts on features of an intranet

Unlimited tech help

A website where businesses can get unlimited tech help.

$US995 pm
Tier 1 – 3 business day turnaround
Tier 2 – 6 business day turnaround
Tier 3 – 12 business day turnaround
Next business day tech advice or recommendations (add 1 day)

– tier 1 = 2 hours
– tier 2 = 4 hours
– tier 3 = 8 hours
And 20 business days per month
Therefore 2 hours per 3 days = 14 hours per 21 days. Therefore 14 hrs pm at $995pm.

At max 160 hrs pm = $US11,371kpm (approx. 10 clients)