School Hours job board

This idea to be looking at creating a custom job board with jobs only showing for within school hours. The main benefit of this type of job board is that people would be to find jobs where they could work within the school hours of their children. The way that you would start this business is to buy a domain name, you would look at a hosted job board software system, connect up the two, do research into job boards that already exist and send emails to advertisers asking if they would like to advertise on your site as well.

Finding sponsors for books

Over the years, I’ve heard some success stories of people getting corporate sponsors for their non-fiction books.

The gist of the idea is that you find a sponsor looking to cover the first print run and perhaps some of the marketing and they, in exchange, get to have their logo + a blurb in the front of your book.

In this idea, you’d be the connector between corporate sponsors and budding authors. The key steps would be getting the sponsors to outline the genres and sub categories where they’d like to sponsor ie an accounting software company looking to sponsor books on accounting and the have authors list their books before connecting the two.

The connection could be done manually in private, could be done via targeted emails to corporate sponsors on new books in their niche or could be done through an open marketplace.

Plenty of options with the biggest hurdle being the fragmented marketplace of potential sponsors and non-fiction authors.


This idea is to go to job boards and also to offer to businesses to set up a custom applicant tracking system. To set this up, you’d need to buy a website domain name and set up a site, learning how to create your own applicant tracking system using the Podio system. Charging a fixed monthly fee of $29 per month, he could create custom applicant tracking systems for businesses that they could use on a once-off or ongoing basis.

If you didn’t want to learn Podio, you could look to use an alternative applicant tracking software system like Workable.