How to start a niche bookstore

Do you love books and you’re looking for a way to sell books online without the problems of inventory?

With this idea, you create a niche online bookstore and list bestselling books for people to buy. The links take people through to an affiliated bookstore where the customer completes the purchase.

The customer gets the book they wanted and you pick up around 5% in affiliate fees on all the products they buy in that particular online shopping trip.

How this idea works?

  • Choose your niche and grab a memorable website name. When considering the big move across to digital books, I’d recommend looking at potential categories where people still prefer a hard copy i.e. cookbooks, notebooks, possibly travel guides.
  • Start your website. For this one, I’d go for WordPress (hosted) with a one-click install.
  • Grab a theme that allows you to list a book and link out to an affiliated store. The Chipmunk theme is easy to use but you could also try the Upvote theme.
  • Fill up your store
  • Start your marketing (don’t forget to cross-post on Pinterest)


You could look to start an affiliate site for almost anything. Sign up to some of the bigger affiliate platforms to find what they’re offering.


How to start a Project Management Software Review Website

With the success of sites like Site Builder Report (that earns over $44k per month), creating a review site using WordPress is an idea that you might want to try.

The key to building this type of product review website is to find a set of products with sufficient complexity to warrant the need for a review site.

For website builders, I looked into over 40 website builders when looking for the perfect fit. It was a tedious process and it took hours to watch the explainer videos, sign up and register, analyse the pricing and do comparisons, see what were the tiny differences, unsubscribe from the hundreds of sequence emails and end up with my final choice.

Make it easy for people and do the hard work for them.

Steps to starting this would be:

  • Grab yourself a memorable domain name (it is a little harder in this space as the main keywords, project management software, are sooooo long and I generally like shorter names)
  • You could use a hosted website builder but for this one, I’d recommend hosting + one-click WordPress install
  • Grab a product review WordPress theme. I checked out about 12 and only liked three (including this one and this one). There is also a plugin if you already have WordPress and want to keep your theme
  • Find the top project management systems over at G2Crowd, Capterra, Product Hunt or alternativeTo
  • Use a tool like Excel or Podio to categorise the top project management software systems according to their main features and pricing
  • Get started signing up for project management software trials
  • Start writing reviews

Areas for revenue:

  • Affiliate partnerships. I’d take a guess that around 30% of the PM software companies offer affiliate or partner programs. Not ideal but you could ask the other companies if they’d be willing to offer a pay-per-lead or pay-per-sale commission payment
  • Ad-sponsored. As a higher cost keyword, project management could be a win in terms of placing ads on your site. Options for this include Adwords or approaching PM software companies directly and asking if they’d like to pay per month for sponsorship. Use a tool like Plasso to handle the monthly payments.
  • Email. Use the site to build an email list and then upsell on courses (that you have affiliate relationships with), products etc. Ensure you’re providing a tonne of value and keep your email sending to a minimum. No spammers here.

Tweak the idea:

  • Apply this idea to other top software categories to make a help desk software review website, email marketing software review site or online accounting review website.

I hope this helps!