Tiny house website

– open house tiny houses (look inside)
– tiny houses to rent (rentals)
– tiny House builders (builders)
– tiny House workshops (workshops) ??
– land to park a tiny House (land to park)
– tiny House materials (materials) ??
– tiny Houses for sale (for sale)

A website like

A website that shows people how to build a website like hacker news (social engine), patreon (Podia), Udemy etc

Beautiful SaaS Collection

Website that only lists beautiful SaaS programs
– Chipmunk?
– categories as condensed g2crowd or siftery categories
– beautiful inside rather than out. Test all programs.
– affiliates

Where the wild customers are

A site all about customer acquisition channels aka the places where you can find your customers.Ā Chipmunk theme website that is categorised into a various views. Morning, Work Day, Afternoon, Night, Weekend, Holiday. Looks at places to place ads, add content and reach customers.

Free workout videos

A site using Pluto theme that highlights Youtube videos that provide free workout videos. Categorised by type of workout, length of workout and year of publishing.

Resources for retirees and semi-retired workers

Set up a website that gives detailed outlines on low-tech ways (because I love low-tech!) to start a side business as a retired or semi-retired person. Could be set up as a stand-alone website with the add-ons being a community, a job board (for people wanting experienced workers) and short courses on the basics.